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Defect correction is one of the most important processes of external Detailing, it is based on a long and complex process aimed at eliminating imperfections present on the vehicle body (scratches, halos, swirls, oxidation and orange peel). To carry out this process we use the use of cutting-edge techniques and products, such as: the Rupes polishers, the best in this field. Through the use of these tools we are able to work on paints in any condition to give the car a brilliance that is simply out of the ordinary.  


The polishing can be composed in several steps, increasing the steps increases the level of the result obtained:


1 step polishing:  


Correction level: 50%

It is based on a single polishing step, we talk about the basis of the correction of defects that we generally apply on cars in good condition to enhance their shine.


2 step polishing:


Correction level: 80%

It is based on a double polishing step, for cars with obvious scratches and signs of automatic washes. Through this type of more aggressive correction, most of the defects present are eliminated and gives the car an appreciable restoration of the paintwork conditions.  with an excellent level of gloss and shine.


3 step polishing:


Correction level: 100%

It is based on three polishing steps to obtain a stunning result that will satisfy the most demanding customers. All the defects present will be eliminated and the car will have a bright paint like it never had…. Perfect.


For any chosen polishing step chosen, we carry out the following processes:

  • Handwash

  • Chemical and mechanical decontamination 

  • Paint measurement 

  • Masking of parts to be protected 

  • Machine correction of defects (polishing)

  • Application of sealants for the protection of the bodywork

  • Consultancy for the maintenance of the obtained result  

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