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Once optimal results have been obtained with washing processes, chemical / mechanical decontamination or polishing, another fundamental element is the protection of the result obtained. To do this we use the best products in circulation that not only guarantee excellent protection of the bodywork from atmospheric agents or UV rays but give the car a more intense and brilliant color. This type of treatment is particularly useful when buying a new vehicle, because doing so will protect the latter from dirt and from all agents that can ruin the vehicle's bodywork.


There are three types of protective products that can be applied:


WAXES: they represent the basis of vehicle protection, their application is very simple and guarantee protection ranging from 20 days up to a maximum of 3 months depending on the type of wax chosen.


SEALANTS: they allow you to protect the vehicle more effectively than waxes, they can guarantee up to 6 months of protection and also offer good prevention against possible body imperfections (such as midges halos, bird droppings, resins and salt).


NANOTECH: we are talking about the most advanced technology possible, it is based on the use of nanotechnology which are very small particles that bind with the transparent present on the paint, so that it can make it more resistant. This type of treatments guarantee the best possible protection from both atmospheric agents, UV rays and possible paint imperfections and also guarantee ease of cleaning the car over time. As for the duration, the Nanotech can guarantee resistance up to 5 years from application. We also remind you that the purpose of nanotechnology is to preserve the surfaces in their optimal state, in some cases even going to correct defects on the paint as well as to prevent them.

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