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Attention to detail and meticulous cleaning of every single component.
Cleaning, polishing and maintenance aimed at aesthetically and structurally safeguarding the finishes of the different surfaces, internal and external, of motorcycles and cars.

Metal, plastic, fabric, leather, rubber, wood. Each material corresponds to different procedures and specific products aimed at obtaining unparalleled results.

What does detailing represent for us?

Performance improvement, results optimization and ease of use of  products. For this reason, using the new Hcars Detailing line, CleanTech, means obtaining the maximum result with the minimum effort using state-of-the-art products.

The phases of detailing.

Depending on the specific case, the techniques, equipment, quantities of product and the objectives set may vary. What is constant are the 5 phases of a Detailing job:

  1. Wash.

  2. Decontamination.

  3. Polishing.

  4. Protection.

  5. Maintenance.


The careful execution of each of these phases allows the next one to be more effective and lasting over time.


The first step is the scrupulous washing of the internal and external surfaces in order to eliminate residues of various kinds and surface contamination (road dirt, insect residues, surface contamination, etc.). No surface is left out and no support is forgotten: glasses, tires, chrome plating but also leather interiors, plastics and moldings will be carefully cleaned to prepare a perfect working base.

We implement a two-step process starting with a pre-wash to remove any stubborn dirt that could damage the surfaces if mechanical action is required. Consequently, through the use of the foam shampoo, it is possible to cleanse and remove any impurities and organic dirt with the help of a glove, a sponge, etc ...

The constant is always one, the utmost attention to the surfaces we work on.


Decontamination, despite being often neglected, is probably the most important phase of the process, as it allows to obtain a surface capable of better accommodating the subsequent treatment phases.
Its task is to act on residues such as resins, iron, tar, glue or oxidations that the washing phase could not eliminate and which make the surface not very smooth and silky.
The result? A beautiful and bright car as it has just come off the assembly line.


Often it happens to see cars, even already subjected to polishing, that have halos, holograms, signs or other. Equally often this is believed to be inevitable, or in any case normal. Nothing could be more false, you just need to use the right techniques and the right products.

Polishing allows us not only to remove oxidation and scratches, but also to obtain a perfectly smooth, shiny surface ready for the actual treatment.
If this phase were not carried out in a careful and accurate way, even the best nanotechnological product would inexorably give unsatisfactory results.

4. Protection.

Even the best of indoor or outdoor surface jobs, if unprotected, will have a limited life.
The choice of treatment to proceed with depends heavily on your goals in terms of duration, brilliance and ease of maintenance. 
From these considerations we can determine whether a wax, a sealant treatment or a (ceramic) coating is more suitable. 


Your car is treated and ready! but how long will the effect of the treatment last?
Through a few but precious treatments with balanced detergents, quick detailer lubricants and delicate accessories, maintaining maximum performance will be a matter of a few, simple and quick moves.

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